St Modwen Present Plans to Community

St Modwen consult community on plans that involve refurbishing the north half of Leegate and turning the south half of Leegate into an Asda superstore. 400 people attend the consultation. The community were only offered the option to respond to St Modwen’s scheme but could not say what they would like in Leegate. When questioned by community members, St Modwen representatives gave many reasons why a smaller anchor store, more public space small retailers, total refurbishment and housing numbers were not options.

The working group, representing the community, responded by saying,

‘St Modwen points to a 74 per cent favorable response to its recent drop-in consultation. We believe this response reflected local residents’ wish for redevelopment of the Centre rather than their approval of St Modwen’s outline plans for a large superstore’

It is interesting that, because Lewisham planners stuck to their guns on total redevelopment and more housing, St Modwen came to realise by 2014 that actually they could achieve these.  This shows how what is ‘not possible’ can become ‘possible’ where the community and Lewisham council stand firm.



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