Sainsburys gets several thousand car visitors per day plus several delivery lorries

Asda is planned to be the same size and so will get a similar number of visitors.

Green Tiger’s Head junction is already highly congested and rat running in local streets has led to safer streets campaigns recently. Transport for London have confirmed that Lee Green Tigers head already has a higher than average collision rate

The vehicle entrances to Asda and Sainsburys are planned to be almost opposite each other, before the lights, next to the bus stop where Trinity children catch buses to and from school and next to the public space where people are supposed to be sitting at cafe tables and shopping at a market. Currently Iceland’s (fewer) delivery lorries stop traffic as they make 3 point turns in and out of Leegate

Here are images of some of the current traffic problems at the junction:

Iceland Lorry 3 Point Turn 1

Iceland Lorry 3 point turn 2

traffic 3

traffic 1