Lewisham’s Core Strategy: ‘Council..prioritising reduction of environmental impact of new development…focus on minimising the overall carbon dioxide emissions’

In January 2015 A Better Lee Green partnered with Network for Clean Air to measure current pollution levels around the Leegate Centre. We are working on a full report which will be released soon, but here is a short summary:

  • A tube at the tigers head measures dangerous pollutants at 75% above legal maximum limits
  • A tube 16 metres back from burnt ash road  – where st modwen plan the back of their public space to be – measures 53% above legal limits
  • A tube in the centre of the current, sheltered square – which is the configuration of public space in the new development that the Working Group, Lee Manor Society and A Better Lee Green are calling for – measures 13% safely below the legal limit.
Given that deaths from the pollution we are measuring are predicted to be higher than those from smoking alone and those from obesity, traffic accidents and alcoholism combined this year (see link below), moving public space to the centre of the development should  increase the safety and health of the  community considerably.
London has a lot of traffic, but people can and should be sheltered from it.
The pollution in tubes was measured at an independent lab in Oxfordshire, used by many councils in their own pollution studies