Proposed Plans

The proposal includes, on most of the ground floor, an Asda superstore, with it’s car park above it (310 spaces) and residents car park in the basement (100 spaces). Above and around these will be 229 residential flats and houses (ie the housing ‘encases’ Asda then rises above it). On the roof of the Asda, several stories up will be large gardens available to residents only.

On Eltham road the Weatherspoons pub will remain  and there will be a small community centre

There will be a gym and a tuition centre on the north corner of the development, facing Lee Green junction.

On Burnt Ash Road between Leegate and Sainsburys there will be 10 small retail units, a length of publicly available space for cafe tables and market stalls, the entrance to the 310 space carpark, delivery bays and a bus stop.

A covered walkway will run through the site from Eltham Road to Burnt Ash Road. It will be locked at night.

Here are St Modwen’s images:



Here is the website address to see St Modwen’s full planning application: