Public Space

Lewisham’s Core Strategy:’ Emphasis within the District town centres will be to protect the existing open spaces from development’

St Modwen propose placing the pedestrianized area of the development, where people can sit at café tables, shop at market stalls and create footfall for smaller shops in a length along Burnt Ash Road, where all the traffic for Asda and Sainsburys will be turning in and out, deliveries will be made to small shops and next to a bus stop.

Compare this to the current public space which is ‘protected’ under planning policies, which, whilst neglected by St Modwen, is three times as big as the public space proposed (figures to be confirmed by St Modwen) and runs through the centre of the site, safely away from traffic and pollution

It is tempting to say that ‘anything is better that what we have’ but the current public space is in a bad state due to neglect, not because Lee Green cannot support a pleasant, pedestrianized town centre, and once public space has been built over it can never be regained. Public space can be reallocated to a different place in redevelopment plans but the amount of space needs to be protected, and it’s maintenance improved.