What are the Problems?

The Leegate Centre, at the heart of Lee Green town centre is very run down, which has a detrimental effect on Lee Green Town Centre as a whole. It needs to be improved.

Current proposals would look shiny and new for a while but could soon leave the community with the same old problems and some new ones:

Most, but not all, of the problems of the proposed development are caused by the size of the proposed supermarket. The size of the supermarket needs to be addressed:

It increases the number of cars coming to Lee Green by several thousand per day, making Lee Green junction, already a bottle neck, even more congested. Also further increasing pollution which is already above EU legal levels at Lee Green

It builds over most of the currently available public space, which is the only area in Lee Green for pedestrians, market stalls, cafe tables and so on. Once its been built on it cannot be regained

It reduces the number of small retailers by 50% meaning that locals still need to drive elsewhere to find what they need.

It develops the majority of retail space into a second large superstore, just as the future of superstores is severely in doubt, potentially leading to another empty site in a few years time. All other supermarkets are currently pulling out of building large stores, Asda, which faces the same market pressures,  is likely to follow them in the coming years

Here is an illustration of the problems: